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Ultra Deep Sub-Micron (UDSM) processes, as well as beyond CMOS technology choices, influence circuits performance with a chain of consequences through devices, circuits and systems that are difficult to predict. Nonetheless effective design-space exploration enables process optimization and early design organization.

We introduce TAMTAMS, a tool based on an open, flexible and simple structure, which allows to predict system level features starting from technology variables. It is modular and based on a clear dependency tree of modules, each related to a model of specific quantities (e.g. device currents, circuit delay, interconnects noise, ....) presented in literature. Models can be compared and sensitivity to parameters observed.

TAMTAMS Web is the online edition of TAMTAMS. This version allows to do predictive analysis using any web browser and with no required sofware installed on the user machine.

We believe our contribution gives a fresh point of view on process-to-system predictors. Though still in development, it already shows flexibility and allows a traceable path of a technology parameter on its way to the system level.

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